Beeseal Uses

Discover the many uses of Beeseal, New Zealand Beeswax Polish

A single coat of BeeSeal protects your leather products from moisture, and applying another coat prevents wear and tear while rendering a long-lasting smooth finish.

Beeswax-based leather care products in NZ have gained immense popularity, and BeeSeal is one of the superior formulations that are ideal for cleaning and polishing auto upholstery, leather boots, wooden furniture, saddlery and much more.

Unlike other leather care products in NZ, BeeSeal is all natural. Made from beeswax and organic ingredients, it is suitable for wooden food bowls and chopping boards as well. It’s also a natural ointment for your horse’s cracked hooves and skin.

BeeSeal is one of the most sought-after leather care products in NZ since the early 90s and is used in households and commercial settings for a variety of purposes.

Read on to know more about the applications of BeeSeal.

Although BeeSeal beeswax polish was originally created for leather care, it is also great as a wood furniture polish, a stainless steel cleaner, and many other applications, including:


  • Terracotta Pots
  • Battery terminals
  • Farmers, builders and gardeners can use it on rough hands
  • Plastic bumpers on dashboards and cars
  • Dreadlocks Chapped lips
  • Steel artwork and Cast iron
  • Rifle Stocks
  • Cracked horse hooves
  • Stainless steel benchtops and tubs
  • As a lubricant instead of grease
  • Cut feet of animals


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