The Original Beeseal

Natural NZ Beeswax protection Made from New Zealand
beewax and other
organic ingredients

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Natural care with The Original BeeSeal Beeswax Polish from New Zealand

Made with Care by Bees

The worker bees produce a natural wax in the beehive called Beeswax, or cappings wax during the process of making Honey.

Beeswax is a natural preserver and protector.

We at BeeSeal, manufacture BeeSeal Multipurpose Beeswax to provide customers like yourself a quality polish protector restorer waterproofer for everyday uses around the home and workplace.

About us

Leather shoe polish      /      Hunting boots and work boots      /      Saddle care      /      Leather care for upholstery      /      Oilskin Coats

BeeSeal - polish for every home

BeeSeal is great for all Leatherware and Wooden Furniture to bring a lasting shine and protection. Naturally repelling water and other liquids, also great for cleaning.

BeeSeal is all Natural and doesn’t contain any silicone or animal fats. BeeSeal is food safe, so is ideal for wooden chopping boards and food bowls.

BeeSeal has hundreds of uses, including for cleaning and polishing shoes and boots, leather furniture and auto upholstery, saddlery , all wooden furniture, indoor and outdoor. BeeSeal is also great on cracked horse hooves and cracked skin, hands and heels, a natural healer.

These are just a few uses for BeeSeal .

Please read further to see some others of the many uses.

Beeseal Uses

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