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About Us

The story of BeeSeal: New Zealand’s original beeswax polish

Tony Morris is a keen hunter who felt that the market lacked a quality product to waterproof boots. The only solution we had then was Dubbin to keep the feet dry.. With prolonged usage the stitches came out easily and leather lost its original texture. This caused the heel to loosen and stitching to fall apart. He was in search for a better solution. This was way back in the 1980s.

In 1989, Tony tried and tested several beeswax formulations till he got the perfect leather protector: BeeSeal. As time went on it was discovered BeeSeal can be used for many other purposes, including on wooden surfaces, bench tops and concrete. Seeing its potential Tony began marketing the product. It gained immense popularity.

Beekeeping was started in New Zealand in 1850s. It has now developed into an established industry. Agriculture has a major contribution towards the economy of New Zealand. There are several farmers who keep beehives. As agriculture has developed and beehive numbers have increased, the business grew. This lead to modernization of the plant as it uses modern technology and materials.

Beeseal is a natural beeswax polish that provides an elegant finish. It restores the beauty of the wood or leather product. It is easy to use. Beeswax is considered as a natural leather conditioner, cleaner and preserver. This brings back life to dry damaged leather and old and not so old furniture.

It has been over three decades since Beeseal was introduced to the people of New Zealand. Buy your beeswax polish today!

Use this great natural alternative and see the difference!


  • Awesome product. Highly recommended. I've used this product for over 20yrs. Fantastic

    Cole Hill

  • Wonderful product-so many uses-leather, wood to name a couple! Recommend

    Runa Chesney

  • I have been buying BeeSeal for 25 years and must share, its a fantastic product. Waterproofs, great for leather lounge suites, prevents them from drying out and cracking. Brings back the original colour where the sun has  faded…

    Wenz Morris

  • Great product, have used it for years on my boots saddlery leather sofa and also wooden furniture.

    Antonio Pedro

  • Love this stuff! Mum got me a tin and it's incredible, I'm a convert.

    Marlena Davies

  • Awesome product good 4 oilskin jackets leathers n motorbike seat leather lounge suites natural ingredients doesnt rot stitching like other products n has no silicon in it brillant on wood furniture too!

    Sherie Curtis

Used For

  • Leather shoe polish

  • Hunting boots and work boots

  • Saddle care

  • Leather care for upholstery

  • Oilskin coats

  • Wooden Benchtops

  • Chopping Board