Best Care for Your Leather Products

A single coat of BeeSeal protects your leather products from moisture, and applying another coat prevents wear and tear while rendering a long-lasting smooth finish.

Beeswax-based leather care products in NZ have gained immense popularity, and BeeSeal is one of the superior formulations that are ideal for cleaning and polishing auto upholstery, leather boots, wooden furniture, saddlery and much more.

Unlike other leather care products in NZ, BeeSeal is all natural. Made from beeswax and organic ingredients, it is suitable for wooden food bowls and chopping boards as well. It's also a natural ointment for your horse's cracked hooves and skin.

BeeSeal is one of the most sought-after leather care products in NZ since the early 90s and is still used in households and commercial settings for a variety of purposes.

Read on to know more about the applications of BeeSeal.

Discover the many uses of BeeSeal, New Zealand beeswax polish

Although BeeSeal beeswax polish was originally created for leather care, it is also great as a wood furniture polish, a stainless steal cleaner, and many other applications, including:


BeeSeal is very effectively conditions, waterproofs and protects leather shoes. The shoe nugget should be applied to clean, dry and slightly warm shoes with a soft cloth or brush. However it is essential to wait for the first coat to penetrate before applying the second one. This natural shoe polish might darken soft leather providing a pleasant amber or golden shade. That is why it cannot be used on softer leathers like Nappa or suede.


BeeSeal is quite effective when taking care of leather furniture as well as wooden ones. Before applying this natural polish it is important to clean the dust on the furniture. It cleans the stains from the furniture and provides a semi-gloss finish. To get best results it’s better to apply two coats. However there should be gap between the two coats. This polish can be used on woods like Rimu, Pine, Kauri, Birch, Kwila etc.


Apply BeeSeal to warm dry leather with the help of a cloth. Do pay meticulous attention to the seams. Allow it to penetrate and sunlight exposure is necessary. You can tumble dry on a warm cycle for about ten minutes. Shine it with beeswax from BeeSeal.


BeeSeal is a natural polish which provides a soft finish. As and when applied, it deeply soaks in, coats every fiber and becomes softer. BeeSeal can be used on any type but some softer leather can darken. In order to give an even appearance two coats would have to be applied. However it would restore color to areas which have faded as well as prevent cracking.


Leather boots should be provided waterproof treatment. Many waterproof boots are available. Hunters normally dry them by keeping it on campfire which ruins its texture. Use the beeswax-based waterproofing product BeeSeal as it would last longer compared to products with animal fat base.


This natural beeswax polish can be also used for saddle care. With the help of a soft cloth apply BeeSeal and then remove the excess from it. It thus increases the durability of the leather and adds a silky finish to the saddle. Being made from natural ingredients this polish does not cause any irritation on the skin of the young horses.BeeSeal is also quite effective on cracked hooves.


Wash your coat in the laundry, dry it thoroughly and apply BeeSeal when spread out on a flat surface. Expose to the sun and allow to penetrate or turning it inside out and tumbling dry for ten minutes.


  • Terracotta Pots
  • Plastic bumpers on dashboards and cars
  • Steel artwork and Cast iron
  • Stainless steel benchtops and tubs
  • Battery terminals
  • Dreadlocks
  • Rifle Stocks
  • As a lubricant instead of grease
  • Farmers, builders and gardeners can use it on rough hands
  • Chapped lips
  • Cracked horse hooves
  • Cut feet of animals