Beeseal Facts

Facts about BeeSeal: Natural beeswax leather care and wood polish

Want to know what makes BeeSeal an essential product for every home?

The Original BeeSeal is made from natural beeswax of New Zealand, sourced from Manuka trees in the Coromandel native forests. It is a complete natural product. It has no artificial color or fragrance. It has rich yellow color and the smell is same as that of honey! It contains no animal fact or silicone, turpentine synthetic dyes or any petroleum solvents. It can be safely used on bench tops as well as food bowls. So it is safe to eat. A non toxic product safe for your home and family too! Each and every ingredient is eco friendly.

A word of caution here: those who are sensitive to edible bee products may have reactions with usage of BeeSeal too.

BeeSeal can be used on leather safely. It would not affect the stitching unlike other products. Instead it would smooth the leather without making it damp. This product has a neutral color and suitable for colored leather. BeeSeal is also a neutral color and suitable for any colored leather. However it might darken soft leather like Nappa or suede. It has the ability to retain the flexibility and original shape without leaving any sticky finish. It can be used on Cordura products and Gortex shoes or boots. Pores of leather would not be blocked. In case it gets on your clothes, wash that in the laundry.

Beeswax is a kind of natural preservative which would not depreciate with age. Our product is a naturally mould resistant which would not dry out if the can is left open. In order to use this versatile product order it online. This can be used on restore leather and wooden products to give it a natural shine. It is a product that can be used for several household products.

Order BeeSeal for your leather jacket, leather shoes or wood furniture

Proudly New Zealand made, The Original BeeSeal beeswax polish and waterproofer is so versatile, you can use it all around your home. Read more about how you can use BeeSeal, or order it today from our online store.

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